What We Do

Anuwai Life Village is the Philanthropic and Social Inclusiveness Division of Live Long Enterprises Inc.
We are a nonprofit organization founded in 2019, inspired by the life of Dante’ Long. We support the artistic culture by providing accessibility to safe socially inclusive spaces, communities, resources, and professional development for emerging artists with and without disabilities who aspire to VISUALIZE, PERFORM, and SPEAK professionally.

We understand the financial hardship that artists experience as they are working to fulfill their creative dreams.

  • Our MISSION is to create accessibility to safe socially inclusive residential communities, provide resources,  professional development, and civic engagement programs that support emerging artists, with and without disabilities as they pursue careers in various art genres.
  • Our VISION is to be an extension of the artistic culture that develops a “Village” that empowers and provides professional and healthy tools to artists as they pursue their passion in all genres of the arts: visual art, dance, literature, writing, performance, film, digital media, music, video, and  curatorial projects around the world.

Socially Inclusive

We provide socially inclusive environments and programs for artists with disabilities who have a passion for the arts. Our programs provide inclusive sensory friendly environments, training, coaching, and mentoring resulting in accessibility to employment and/or entrepreneurship opportunities within the art industry. 

Where the Creative Magic Happens​

The Anuwai Life Village

Our passion lies within the old and traditional general phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”. As we work with young adults, ages 18-24, we recognize that they need transitional support to help them navigate in an industry that can sometimes appear untrustworthy, dangerous, and financially unstable in the beginning. Therefore, Anuwai Life Inc. is on a mission to develop an inclusive creative residential community where artistic visions come alive for emerging artists.

Throughout our civic engagement programs Anuwai Life Inc.

  • Provides trusted mentorship and apprenticeship programs partnering artists with professionals in their chosen creative industry
  • Provides professional workshops, trainings, coaching, and seminars to artists that focus on both the business and creative professional development of their career
  • Provides housing and creative studio time and spaces to artists through the Anuwai Life Inclusive Residency program
  • Provides day-to-day lifestyle support, and accessibility to inclusive social environments for artists with disabilities: sensory friendly lifestyle services, housing, recreational programs, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities that meet their individual needs
  • Empowers and supports program participants in their efforts to access global exposure and audiences
  • Provides community outreach and buddy programs for emerging artists enabling all program participants the opportunity to become civically engaged
  • Provides educational workshops and seminars for parents and/or caregivers of who would like support their emerging artist as they transition into the industry.