For-Knees Magnetic Compression Knee Brace Support Sleeve – Natural Soft Cotton – Latex Elastic Fabric with Magnets. for Sports, Sprains Strains Arthritis Sore Knees Recovery – Grey




  • MAGNETIC KNEE COMPRESSION SUPPORT AND INFRARED WARMTH- Our knee sleeves have tourmaline (a semi-precious mineral) fibers woven into them that reflect back your body’s warmth as Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) to help relieve joint pain, arthritis, muscle pain and spasms, and joint stiffness
  • 13 STRATEGICALLY POSITIONED SUPERMAGNETS with a rating of 1,000 – 1,200 Gauss (0.1 – 0.12 Tesla), strategically positioned at acupuncture points. Chinese medicine says magnets can help relieve pain and aid healing.
  • STRONG SUPPORT WITH HIGH COMPRESSION – Our magnetic knee supports are a blend of breathable, stretchable blend of cotton latex yarn and tourmaline fiber for maximum comfort. Thick weave which ‘hugs your knee”.
  • NEW! SILICON BAND PREVENTS SLIPPING: IDEAL FOR ATHLETES AND THOSE WITH KNEE PAIN. – Whether you enjoy outdoor activities (e.g. hiking/walking), sports (e.g. basketball, golf, jogging, tennis), or indoor activities (e.g. yoga), or you have painful knees (e.g. because of arthritis, you are awaiting meniscus tear treatment, the silicon prevents slipping, unlike other knee sleeves
  • AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES AND EASY TO MAINTAIN – Small (11 – 13 inches, or 28 – 33 cm), and Medium / Large (13 – 19 inches or 33 – 48 cm). Note that these measurements should be taken around the knee from the middle of the kneecap. To clean your knee braces, wash them by hand in cool water, using mild a soap, then hang to dry (but do not expose to heat).
  • Pricing from $19.73 – $24.73