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Live Long Enterprises

Live Long Enterprises (®) is a lifestyle that encourages the expression of liberation and healthy living.

Our mission is to provide experiences where MUSIC, TRAVEL, LAUGHTER, and HEALTH and WELLNESS resources collide to become healing and coping tools when faced with life’s challenges.

Our vision is to create local and international escapes that are an uplifting distraction when coping with life-changing losses, a comforting escape when experiencing heartbreak, and a time for self-care when working to rebuild your spiritual, physical and mental health

Our story

Traveling has been used as an approach to healing for our family as we face unexpected life challenges, including the loss of our loved ones. Through our experiences, we found that travel became a therapeutic practice that helped us to manage heartbreak, emotional and psychological blows .

During this period of traveling our back to back destinations were planned at the spur of the moment. It was simply wake up, ask the Universe where we should go next, and figure out what to do when we get there. Through this time of physical, spiritual, and mental exploration Live Long Travels was born.

When life happened and threw us off course we used travel as our way to Live Long.

Dr. Kennesha Bracely

Listen as Dr. Bracely Expounds on why live long.

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2019 Birthday Countdown

Why Purple?

Day 1

Purple = Royalty

Our opening performance for #21NLit 🔥🔥🔥 He popped up today to perform just in time for his 21 day count to his birthday. #WelcomeToTheStage #Royalty97 #DantesBdayMonth #OpeningAct #LiveLong

Day 2

The 21 day count down is on, and we are celebrating my son during his bday month! 💜💜💜 Dante’ has always had a very creative spirit. It’s one of his many characteristics that made me a proud Ma’ma. I miss having conversations with him about his life plans, but I’m happy to have these memories that illustrate how passionate he was about his artistic voice. I appreciate him for helping me to find my voice while I am attempting to adapt to the unbelievable. 🔥🔥#21NLit🔥🔥#LiveLong #April25th #Big21 #Royalty97

Dante’ “The Philosopher”

“I Am My Sister’s Keeper”

Day 3

Each year in honor of Autism Awareness month we organized a cupcake eating contest. This is one of my favs. I crack up every time.

Dante’ was crazy about his sister. I laugh because when he was younger, and would get in trouble he included De’Ja. Some how De’Ja was the reason. His first words would be “Deee’Ja”. 😂😂😂😂 My response would be “Stop calling her name. She’s not even here.” 😂😂😂

As they got older, they became each other’s secret keepers. He loved his sister so much. As they began to grow their separate ways, he often times couldn’t understand why De’Ja needed her own space to grow. He just wanted to maintain that closeness with his big sister always and forever. They had each other’s back even when I didn’t know what was happening. For that, I am very proud. 🔥🔥#21NLit🔥🔥 #April25th #Royalty97 #LiveLong


Day 4

There comes a point in every parent’s life when they have to accept that their child is officially an adult. This picture made me realize that my son was no longer a kid. It was at this point that I had to accept that he was coming into his own being. I had to change parental roles, and become the parent consultant/advisor.  I had to trust the foundation I set, and have faith that all would be well. It was Dante’, the young man, that I wish I had more time to get to know. 🔥🔥#21NLit🔥🔥 #LiveLong #TheCountdown #April25 #Royalty97

From “Kidhood” to Adulthood

No Matter How Old

Day 5

The 21 Day countdown continues…No matter how old Dante gets…No matter where he is in the Universe…There will always be a place for him on his mother’s lap. I believe this is something he knew. Even as he was going through his teenage growing pains, Dante’ knew that his mother’s love was unconditional. He knew that even when he broke the rules and tested my standards there would always be a place for him on my lap. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #AMothersLove #Royalty97 #April25 #LiveLong

Day 6

We are on Day 6 of Dante’s 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 Bday Countdown. This is another one of my favorites. It’s the one that gives me the most peace. Our paths in life are often bent, curvy, winding. We are often unaware of what awaits us by the time we get to the straightaway. We just pray that it’s something good considering all of the hell we have overcome by the grace of God. The journey that my son and I had together was definitely full of twists and turns. I didn’t get a chance to see how his straightaway would look here on earth. Maybe when he passed away that was his “straightaway”. It just didn’t look like I expected. As parent, I must admit that it’s definitely not a straight road to acceptance. This video gives me peace of mind because I know that no matter what I feel he’s experiencing a trouble free straightaway. #LiveLong #Royalty97 #April25

Peace of mind

Remember To Check On The Kids: Dante’ Was Their First Big Brother

Day 7

Often we assume that kids are resilient, or they don’t understand. As adults we attempt to protect them, and shield them from the things we assume they do not see. In most cases, kids feel just as deeply as adults feel. They see more than we realize or want to admit. They understand more than we give them credit for understanding. Based on the family tree Dante was technically their cousin, but in reality he was Dilan and Kamari’s first big brother. They were practically raised together. This picture reminded me that I not only lost a son, but they lost their big brother. Dilan and Kamari may not always speak their feelings, so it’s important that their feelings are not overlooked. We can’t assume all is well all of the time. Thank you Dante’ for reminding us to check on the kids from time to time. 🔥🔥#21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

Day 8

This was the day I dropped Dante’ off for his first day of joining the Army. It was his choice, and I was happy to support him. He had graduated from high school months early, and decided he was ready to start his new career. It was a very interesting day because he had just turned 18, and was leaving my nest at the same time. He no longer needed my permission. He was considered to be a “grown”man by the Army’s standards. I went back to my empty home, but never really processed what had just happened. I was just excited that he was doing something positive with his life. I never knew that April 26, 2015 would be my last physical goodbye until I carried him to his final resting place. I am grateful for the time we had together. I am also grateful for the unbreakable mother and son bond that we shared. 🔥🔥#21NLit🔥🔥 #LiveLong #April25 #Royalty97

The Last Goodbye

What A Surprise!!

Day 9

Dante’ came into this world the same way he left, BY SURPRISE! 😂😂😂 I am a part of that small percentage of people who get pregnant while on birth control. He did the sneak attack on me. You can only imagine my state of shock when I found out I was pregnant since it wasn’t a part of MY plan. My hunch is that God had a different plan in mind. I can’t help but to wonder what God’s plan was for Dante’s life considering how he just “showed up”, and then suddenly “left”. Sometimes I wonder if God knew that He had to be in control of Dante’s comings and goings because I couldn’t handle that part of the job. I wasn’t ready for an additional child, but when he came I definitely couldn’t imagine losing him. I often question why God couldn’t give me a clue that our time together would be short, so that I could better prepare.

I enjoy surprises, but not these kind. Sometimes I feel that this world just wasn’t big enough for Dante’. He needed more than this world could offer him, so it was time for him to grow elsewhere. He nor God could have told me that because they both knew I would have never let him go. I guess that it was best that they “surprised” me. Now I have to move past this state of shock, as I did when I found out I was pregnant almost 21 years ago.

We all have our own paths in life, including our children. We have no control of their comings and goings within this world. All we can do is be the best parents possible during the time we have been assigned the task. If that was never clear before, it’s good and clear now. My task is not complete because I still have a daughter who needs me to “parent”, and in some ways I’m still parenting Dante’ 🔥🔥#21NLit🔥🔥 #LiveLong #April25 #Royalty97

The Walk

😂😂😂 It was said that my kids and I have the same walk. I didn’t believe it, so I guess someone decided to prove me wrong. What do you think? Let’s allow the people to decide?

In the meantime, “The Walk” may or may not have been the exact same, but I can say that Team KDD (Kennesha, De’Ja, and Dante’) walked in unison. Even when it sometimes appeared that we were moving onto our separate paths, our walk together simultaneously remained intact. Dante’s physical absence doesn’t break the stride of Team KDD. His spirit will forever be present. He continues to sharpen us along our journey here on earth. 🔥🔥#21NLit🔥🔥 #LiveLong #April25 #Royalty97

Day 10

The Laughter 😂😂

Day 11

In my past life I thoroughly enjoyed being a “prankster”.  😂😂 I planned a whole bday party for my daughter just so I can prank her friends. I thank God for blessing me with a son who would support me in my random pranking tasks.😂😂😂 It did not matter how corny I was, he would support the cause and laugh with me until we were gasping for air from laughing so hard.  

This is one of our many pranks. The elf called Dilan. 😂😂😂😂 You can her me cracking up in the background. I do not know why we thought this was such a bright idea, but I crack up every time I see this video. Thank you Son for reminding me to laugh. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #Royalty97 #April25 #LiveLong

Day 12

Let me first say, I have NEVER seen this video until recently. It was obviously in the real “lost files” 😂😂😂😂. I’m more than sure Dante’ is happy I didn’t find it until now. Of course, I had to trim the original. This Dude right here is an absolute fool. 😂😂😂 First of all, why does he have eyes painted on his chin. I literally have a serious look of confusion. 😂😂😂 Had I seen this video prior to him becoming a teenager, I would have known to prepare for how passionate he was going to be about not following the rules.  

Thank you son for reminding me that even as we age it’s ok to break the rules periodically, live a little, and be a kid sometimes. Responsibilities will always be there waiting for us to put them in their none rule breaking places. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #LiveLong #April25 #Royalty97

Nobody Likes Rules

That One Time

Day 13

Nothing about Dante’s life was “traditional”, including his entry into the world. I knew that I had to use unconventional ways of parenting this kid, and that was absolutely fine with me. There was this one time though….I am grateful for this traditional moment. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

Day 14

This is the Dante’ that I was just getting to know before he transitioned into a different realm. He was at a point where he began making his own decisions, only telling me things on a need to know basis. 😂😂😂  What he didn’t realize was that I really needed to know more than what he was sharing, but I gave him his space to grow. He was taking life by the horns, and trying to navigate his way through his personal journey. During this phase his life looked just like this wild bull ride, but he took it like a champ and kept a smile on his face. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong


Taking Life By The Horns

When One Goes Missing

Day 15

I was a single parent working multiple jobs and going to school full time, so I told my children that we had to function as a team. We were Team KDD. Oftentimes, De’Ja & Dante’, was one name, one person. 😂😂😂 I planned my life’s goals around them. I taught at schools I wanted them to attend when I couldn’t afford to live in the neighborhoods. I transitioned into higher education so that I would be able to guide them through college. I didn’t leave the country until they graduated high school, secured employment, and I felt they were ok to stand on their own with me being distant enough to let them have some young adult growth space, but accessible should they need me.

Right as I began to plan my empty nester’s life goals, I thought I had it all figured out. My nest was empty, and now it was time to do me. I did the best I could with parenting my kids into adulthood, and I had to trust the foundation. Not even a full year into the Plan for K, BOOM 💥 💥💥 Someone thought they had the right to dismantle Team KDD. It was as if everything I had planned to do was shattered. I didn’t realize that the Plan for K was so closely tied to the D’s. Nothing I had written in my new plan seemed to include them. At least that’s what I thought. Losing that one D of Team KDD made me feel lost and confused about the direction of my life. Fortunately, Dante’ makes it known that although he’s not physically present, he is always here. My life will NEVER be the same. New life plans are being written, and new daily challenges exist. One thing remains the same. We will always be #TeamKDD. Noone can dismantle that. 🔥🔥21NLIT🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

Day 16

As a single parent, I prayed often for  God to help me raise my children as though there were two people in the home. I prayed that He helped me to provide them with what they needed and some of what they wanted. I didn’t know how He was going to make it happen, but it was an expectation that He delivered on my prayer. To fill in the gap He gave me The Village. That Village consisted of many women, but my brother, Kenneth, stood in as the father when the time was right. I had always said that if my children’s father was around I would send my son to him when he began to transition into his teenage years. I am not a man. I can’t provide what a father can provide, but I knew it was important for my son to get a piece of fatherly love and guidance. My brother stepped into the gap to provide that fatherly love as best he could. With a little hesitation, I sent him to live in Japan right before he turned 16. This is Dante’ in Korea, and the Father-Uncle who afforded him that opportunity. He is currently retracing some of he and Dante’s steps during his  visit for work.

I often wonder if things would be different if he had more time to spend abroad with Kenneth. Then I realize that nothing can circumvent God’s plan. Even with all the “if” thoughts, the absolute fact is that not even The Village could have saved him if God had other plans. We know without doubt that just as we came into this world, we have to leave. No one knows the day or time.

I am grateful for my Village, and my brother who was willing to stand in the father gap. I am grateful that Dante’ had the opportunity to see a world beyond his own backyard with his Father-Uncle. I am grateful God answered my prayers. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

The Village

The First

Day 17

I call this picture The First because we are “The First”.  I am the first child and grandchild. My children were the first grands and great grands. Dilan is my sister, Nakia’s, first child, and the first one to make me TT Nesha. We are THE FIRST. The order of things made sense, until they didn’t anymore. Dante’ should have never been the first to go when you think about the order of things. My logic of order has been completely shifted. Is my shift in thought good or bad? I guess that remains to be seen. For now, it is what it is, when it is…No specific order… 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

Day 18

I often wonder what you were thinking. Were you thinking about the why’s? I know I do. Were you wondering about the what if’s? It’s definitely something I often wonder. Were you thinking about the when will’s? I do all the time time. I wonder if we were ever thinking the same thing at the same time. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

Wondering and Thinking

Minus The Complexities

Day 19

Had I known then what I know now, I would have wished that time stood still when Dante’ was just a fun, carefree, mischievous little boy, minus the complexities of him transitioning into adulthood and manhood. Of course the complexities of outside influences were inevitable. You know…Those influences that makes us all stray away from our parent’s guidance and instructions from time to time. Those outside influences that makes us believe that we and everyone else we are listening to know better than our parents since we have become “grown” at the age of 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, etc. 😀😀

Interestingly enough those same complexities are a part of our character building process. It’s a necessity when it comes to personal development and growth. How we over come those complexities helps us to realize our strength. So yeah, while simultaneously wishing time could have stood still, I am also grateful for the times I saw my son find strength through humility as he overcame some of those complex hurdles. As much as I miss him, I am also happy that he does not have to deal with the complex situations that were left behind. He’s free. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

Day 20

Dante’ was the male in the house, but he wasn’t the “Man” of the house. I mean, how could he be? He was not a man at age 17. He was a teenager trying to figure out this thing called life that he was about to explore on his own. As a single parent mother, I made sure that I treated  Dante’ as my SON. I wanted him to enjoy his youth for as long as possible. I didn’t need him to be the “Man “ of my house. I was the adult and it was my job to handle adult responsibilities. I made sure that I articulated that to him clearly because I didn’t want him to feel as though he had to grow up too fast. Was he our male protector? Yes, just as we were his female protectors, but he never needed to be the “Man” of our house. He was the brother. He was the son. I am grateful for the chance to experience Dante’ as my son in all of his stages of life. He was 19 when he passed, and was behaving as a 19yr old should while on his journey to becoming a man. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to see the man he was to become, but I am more than confident he would have been a man with sound judgment that I raised him to be. 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong

The Son of The House

The Final Curtain Call

Day 21

We are here. Day 21. It’s The Final Curtain Call. From my understanding this photoshoot was completed shortly before Dante’ passed away. He was 19yrs old trying to make his dreams come true by any means necessary. I spoke to him on the phone, and remember waiting for him to respond to a FB post, but instead I got a message from someone else saying my son had been stabbed. Going to El Paso, TX, and retracing some of his steps, including this spot, the places he lived, and the scene of the incident left a lasting impression on me. I have so many unanswered questions. I often wonder what I could have done differently to protect my child.

We have no control over The Final Curtain Call. God decides when it’s time for the show to end. I am happy that the last time I heard my son’s voice he was saying “Ok. Love you Ma’”. My response was and will always be “I love you too Son.” 🔥🔥21NLit🔥🔥 #April25 #Royalty97 #LiveLong