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Course: DJ Academy 8 week 

Location: Akatsi, Ghana Campus

Participants will have an opportunity to learn the foundations – intermediate levels of djing with a cultural immersion experience. This 8 week course is a blended educational model where students will receive both online and face-to-face instruction. Learning model consist of: 

  • DJ Skills Development 
  • Cultural Awareness and  Immersion  
  • Global Entrepreneurship Development 
  • Giving through service 

Akatsi Demographics

The Akatsi is a rural area in Ghana located in the South-Eastern part of the Volta Region. The population of the Volta District according to the 2000 Population and Housing Census is 93,477 which are made up of 43,843 males representing about 46.9% of the total population and 49,634 females which contribute about 53.1% of the total population. About 79% of the population in the Volta District lives in the rural areas while 19,617 about 21% of the population lives in the urban area. The population of Akatsi is 19, 617 of which 8,950 are male and 10,677 are female. 

Agriculture is the leading employer of the district’s workforce since the economy is a rural one.This accounts for about 75.5% of the labour force compared with the national figure of 49.2%

Next in importance to agriculture is commerce which employs about 18.35% followed by services 3.5% and industry 2.7%. The major commercial activity in the district include buying and selling of both primary and secondary goods. 40% of the population is engaged in this activity out of which 85% are female.


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