Naken Art and Cultural Immersion School (NACIS)

Naken’s Art and Cultural Immersion School is an unconventional global campus for creatives, ages 18 and older, that incorporates health and wellness strategies as a part of the learning experiences. We provide online and live curricula events that foster curiosity, self-realization, physical and mental well-being, skill building, and the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and life experiences between a diverse group of artists and cultures.


Our mission is to provide artistic learning experiences to creatives that will help them learn and grow deeply by using travel and various art disciplines to foster self-realization, mental and physical well-being, professional growth, and development of the skills needed to have a sustainable career within the arts.


Our vision is to provide opportunities for creatives to 

  • Use the world as their classroom for inspiration, 
  • Use art-based interventions for self-realization, freedom of expression, and healing, 
  • Participate in cultural knowledge sharing and 
  • Create universal connections 

Our school programming provides creatives with a unique opportunity to learn in a space away from their normal environments with time to perfect their creative skills, reflect, research, and participate in rewarding projects that encourage them to freely express themselves through their art. Our school framework also allows students to navigate life and practice their artistic expressions in a new country, city, and community, experience meaningful cross-cultural exchanges and immersion into other cultures, develop universal connections and lasting friendships with new people from around the world, and learn from experts who truly understand what it takes to succeed and survive in the art industry.

Our Model

Global Campus

The world is our campus! We provide a blend of online courses and live instruction in incredible locations around the globe. We travel for creative inspiration, skill building, mental and physical well-being, professional and personal reconnection and growth, and to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the world and its diverse artistry and cultures. Our campuses exists in a variety of spaces depending on the location –  rural villages, urban spaces, and sometimes deep in nature. Courses are typically 6-8 weeks depending on the art discipline and location.

Creative Curriculum

The NACIS curriculum uses a holistic approach to support your journey as a professional artist. As an artist, skill building and inspiration are key, but the ability to mentally and physically navigate, withstand, and endure the environment, stress, and occupational hazards of the industry also requires specific tools for healthy living and mental well-being. Our curriculum is an infusion of skill based and professional growth tools within your artistic discipline, hands-on learning, cultural knowledge sharing and universal connections, and art-based interventions for self-realization and mental and physical health.

Dynamic Teachers

The time away from your usual environment will naturally inspire you as a creative. Our teachers are talented, brilliant, and creative minds who know how to educate and guide you on a path towards turning your artistry into a sustainable, safe, and healthy career. As a student in this program you will receive support and instruction from experts within your art discipline, cross cultural perspectives, and  art and culture integration.

Personal Health and Wellness Coaching

Certified health and wellness coaches are also assigned to cohorts to provide students with the necessary tools needed to maintain a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle.

Community Service

Giving back is an integral part of our program. Students enrolled in our courses will participate in a service project that allows us to cultivate the communities we visit through music, film, theatre, and art. Giving through the arts is not only a way of showing gratitude and showcasing your talents, but it also has positive benefits to your physical and mental health. 

Art Disciplines

Students will participate in hands-on learning, lectures, demonstrations, skill development, and critical thinking strategies, and personal health and wellness coaching. We offer programs in the following art disciplines:

  • DJ Academy: Beginner- Advanced Skills
  • S.T.E.A.M. Global                               
  • Sound and Music 
  • Drone Cinematography
  • Photography and Videography 
  • Fashion
  • Writing
  • Painting/ Drawing/ Sketching
  • History: African Diaspora, Cross Cultural Perspectives, Art and Culture Integration, Music and Cultural Integration 
  • Theatre