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Anuwai Life, Inc. was founded in 2019, and inspired by Dante´Long, who was killed at the age of 19. Although he served in the U.S. Armed Forces, his true passion was the arts. As a young kid Dante´showed his love for the arts through performing dramatic monologues and participating in visual arts exhibitions. As he became older his passion drew him closer to music. He taught himself how to play the violin which lead him to creating and producing music for himself and others. 

Dante’ also had a heart for individuals with disabilities. As a teenager, he participated in a buddy program and maintained his commitment to his buddy as they transitioned into adulthood. He was a voice for those he felt needed uplifting, and an advocate for those he felt were being treated unjustly.

Dante’ transitioned while doing what he loved. He was marketing for his upcoming concert when he lost his life. As his mother, I watched him give up so much in the name of music. His road to starting a career in this industry was difficult financially and trustworthy mentorship was difficult to find due to lack of accessibility to appropriate resources.  Anuwai Life, Inc. will honor Dante’s legacy by working to provide the support, mentorship, education, and resources needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle while navigating a chosen career as an artist.

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