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Living and Healing Through Art

Our community outreach programs focus on fostering the integration of art, inclusiveness, health and wellness. Research has shown that collaboration with various forms of art projects have a medicinal effect on those dealing with anxiety, depression, trauma, or social isolation. Our community outreach programs are offered by matching artists in areas of need based on their artistic expertise. Volunteers work with us to develop Anuwai Life, Inc.  programs within their field, or volunteer within existing partnership programs. Volunteer artists who give their time to Anuwai Life, Inc. civic engagement programs are eligible for artists support services.


Art With Angels

Art with Angels

Support to those who have experienced the loss of loved ones. Through art-based interventions individuals will learn how to embrace a way of living without the physical presence of their loved one.


Sew and So...

Artists support their local communities by offering self-care makeovers to community members with special needs, and their parents or caregivers. Community training and workshops are also provided by our volunteer artists ranging from jewelry design, sewing, face art, and more.  

This program is open to all artists who have an interest in the fashion and design industry: fashion, costume, jewelry and accessory design, fashion photographers, models, stylists, and those in hair, makeup and nail design.


Shed and Flow

This program uses music and movement as a pathway to healing and empowerment. Movement empowers individuals dealing with physical disabilities, the effects of aging ,and/or the impact of social and emotional isolation. Movement programing includes workshops ranging from dance, fitness, yoga, energy healing, martial arts.

Music has the power to transcend physical and emotional brokenness and uplift, motivate, and free the soul. Volunteer musicians will collaborate other musicians to compose lyrics, songs, and performances as a form of healing and self-expression. Come up with your creative vision and collaborate with our volunteers to bring magic to the stage.

This program is open to singers, songwriters, classical musicians, duos, trios, full bands, all things music and dance related, including martial arts and yoga.

The Big Picture

Our visual artists volunteers customize and lead fun and engaging workshops created to support life skills building through art for individuals with disabilities, and also provide art therapy interventions for young adults experiencing social and emotional stressors as they face the challenges of “adulting”.

This program is open to visual artists across all mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture and performance art.


All Eyes On Me

Our volunteers help artists with disabilities access a magical world that empowers them to interact beyond the limitations of their disabilities. Volunteers will create fun and motivating workshops ranging from writing mentorships, to role play improvisation, to stop motion animation and original theatre and film productions.

Due to the collaborative nature of film and theatre, program participants will experience improved social skills through artistic collaboration, an awakened sense of confidence, raised self-esteem and self-worth, and the recovery of a voice once lost.

This program is open to all artists involved in film, media and theatre, from writers and directors, to actors, production designers and animators.

Anuwai Life Buddies: Professional Artist Program

This program secures jobs and/or entrepreneurship opportunities for artists with disabilities, allowing them to earn an income and maintain the ability to support themselves independently while working in the art industry.

The focus of the Professional Artist program is on finding opportunities that match with the artist’s talents and chosen genre within the arts. We match skilled and qualified artists with disabilities with businesses seeking enthusiastic and dedicated employees. For entrepreneurship opportunities, artists participate in incubator programs specific to their industry. Through the Professional Artist program, Anuwai Life, Inc.  develops partnerships with employers, assists with the hiring process, and provides ongoing support to both the artist and employer.

professional artists program

If you are an artist and would like to find out how you can get involved, contact our

Executive Director, Dr. Kennesha Bracely

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