Baby Dante

Dante’ came into this world the same way he left, BY SURPRISE! ??? I am a part of that small percentage of people who get pregnant while on birth control. He did the sneak attack on me. You can only imagine my state of shock when I found out I was pregnant since it wasn’t a part of MY plan. My hunch is that God had a different plan in mind. I can’t help but to wonder what God’s plan was for Dante’s life considering how he just “showed up”, and then suddenly “left”. Sometimes I wonder if God knew that He had to be in control of Dante’s comings and goings because I couldn’t handle that part of the job. I wasn’t ready for an additional child, but when he came I definitely couldn’t imagine losing him. I often question why God couldn’t give me a clue that our time together would be short, so that I could better prepare.

I enjoy surprises, but not these kind. Sometimes I feel that this world just wasn’t big enough for Dante’. He needed more than this world could offer him, so it was time for him to grow elsewhere. He nor God could have told me that because they both knew I would have never let him go. I guess that it was best that they “surprised” me. Now I have to move past this state of shock, as I did when I found out I was pregnant almost 21 years ago.

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