The Live Long Life in Amsterdam & Rotterdam 2020

July 19 - 26, 2020

The Live Long Life in Amsterdam & Rotterdam 2020 July 19 - 26, 2020 Duration: 7 nights and 8 days Languages: Dutch Time Zone: GMT + 1

Are you ready for the UNLIMITED LIVE LONG LIFE Experience ever?

Come live The Live Long Life in Amsterdam and Rotterdam! The Netherlands is a small country, but don’t underestimate its artistic and cultural appeal. It is frequented by visitors from all around the world, and rightfully so. From the magnificent buildings and their solitary architecture to the breathtaking canals, they all make up the charm of Amsterdam. During this excursion we will explore the city, the Ganga culture and “coffeshops”, Red Light District, and European cuisine.

We will also make our way to Rotterdam

with its urban infrastructure and larger-than-life port for the Rotterdam Unlimited Street Festival whose chief objective is to unite people from different cultures and backgrounds and create a common platform to exchange their common artistic passions. It is the largest Caribbean street festival in the Netherlands with versatile music, and a collection of cultural art exhibits to include the battle of drums, street parade and a wide array of interesting cuisines.

Single Occupancy

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Double Occupancy

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Sunday, July 19th 

Morning Arrival and Meet and Greet 

Brunch Included*

Monday, July 20th 

Black Heritage Amsterdam Tour – Tour the beautiful historic city of Amsterdam from the canals while exploring the African legacies of the past and diverse Dutch culture. We will experience an unforgettable journey through time as we explore the black presence and traces of slavery visible from the “Dutch Golden Age”, and more…

Red Light District Walking Tour – Get an insider’s look at all things naughty in Amsterdam during the Red Light District Tour. During this 2-hour walk through one of Amsterdam’s notorious neighborhoods we will visit the the erotic window parlors, about the history of “De Wallen”or the red light district and its sex workers, see the historic “oude kerk”, Amsterdams oldest building, sample free Dutch treats, and more…

Breakfast and Lunch Included* 

Tuesday, July 21st 

The Ultimate Ganga Walking Tour

From “Gezellig” (Dutch word for cozy, relaxed, warm etc) and cool coffee shops, to sampling Dutch whiskeys, Dutch beer, and treats like  “bitterballen” at our Dutch-Irish pub during this 2 hour walking tour we will take an in-depth look into the world of cannabis in Amsterdam. Learn about its legalization and history, and discover the coffee shops that sell the highest quality, most effective ganja.

Breakfast and Dinner Included*

Wednesday, July 22nd  Amsterdam Day of Leisure   Optional Tours Available:
  • Anne Frank (Must be reserved months in advance due to popularity) 
  • Heineken Tour 
  • Van Gogh Museum 
  • A’Dam Lookout Swing 
  • Brussels, Belgium (2 hour train ride outside of Amsterdam)
  • Breakfast Included*

Thursday, July 23rd 

Rotterdam City Tour – After breakfast we will take the train from Amsterdam to Rotterdam. Once checked in we will take a walking tour off Rotterdam then enjoy the Rotterdam

Rotterdam Unlimited –Rotterdam Unlimited is one of the biggest free street festivals in the hottest city of Europe with an eclectic music scene, a famous creative arts community and 178 different cultures that make up Rotterdam’s incredibly vibrant and exciting atmosphere. Exuberant live electronics, soca, hiphop, soul, R&B, drum-‘n bass and jungle; whatever flavor of music you are into you will find it at Rotterdam Unlimited. 

Breakfast Included*

Friday – July, 24th

Rotterdam Unlimited Street Festival: Battle of the Drums

Breakfast Included*

Saturday – July 25th 

Rotterdam Unlimited Street Festival : Zomercarnaval Street Parade 

Breakfast Included*

Sunday July 26th

It’s Been Real! Time to Return Home!