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Our goal is to present various ways for individuals to “Live Long” through the most challenges aspects of this journey called life using: Travel, Laughter, Health and Wellness, and Artistic Expressions

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Mission and Vision

Live Long Enterprises® is a lifestyle that encourages an expression of liberation and healthy living.

Our mission is to provide experiences where TRAVEL, LAUGHTER, HEALTH and WELLNESS and ARTISTIC EXPRESSIONS resources collide to become healing and coping tools when faced with life’s challenges.

Our vision is to create local and international escapes that are an uplifting distraction when coping with life-changing losses, a comforting escape when experiencing heartbreak, and a time for self-care when working to rebuild your spiritual, physical and mental health.

Sky Diving

Why Live Long 

Escape with us, do your work, and gain clarity about where life is taking you

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Escape with the Live Long Enterprises Team as we travel the globe embracing the unknown, releasing control, and going with the flow. This is where fun, fitness, wellness, and adventure meets to manifest the ultimate Live Long experience! Expect to participate in uniquely curated explorations that will motivate you to live a life outside of the box. 

Our Live Long travel experiences include workshops and activities that are hands-on, fun, healing, and liberating. Each location and excursion is selected to challenge us to push beyond our comfort zone so that we live life passionately, face our fears, and break through the limiting thoughts that prevent us from living out our life’s desires. Experience a positive shift in your life all while making meaningful and lifelong connections within the Live Long Family. All levels of fitness and men and women of all shapes and sizes are welcomed!

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