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“ You cannot separate the body and the mind for they are one. Anything that affects the health and vigor of the mind will affect the body. In turn, anything that affects the health of the body will affect the mind… Your health is a priceless commodity.”

 – Dennis Kimbro

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Unlimit Yourself

Taking you into another dimension of health and fitness

Anuwai Life

Anuwai Life is Nonprofit Organization (501c3) inspired by Dante’ Long that creates socially inclusive, safe, nonjudgmental spaces for creatives.


We encourage others to live a liberating life where transcending fear, acting out of courage, stepping out on faith, and making bold moves becomes a daily mantra. We do this by offering bold ways for individuals to enhance themselves mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically using music, fun fitness, health coaching, and travel

The Live Long Experience

This is not your typical self-care retreat. The Live Long Experience is designed to transform your life in a way that rejuvenates, educates, inspires, and liberates. Work, play, relax, and experience personal growth as we focus on the physical, intellectual, social, spiritual, and emotional dimensions of self-care. If you are ready to embark upon this Live Long Journey click on Let’s Go to secure your spot. Space is limited.




Sunrise, Mexico